Henry Cohen, J.D.

Henry L. Cohen, J.D., is the founder and owner of Certainty Retirement Advisors. After completing his undergraduate work in English at Vanderbilt, Henry went on to earn his J.D. at the Seton Hall University School of Law. Serving in the financial services industry for over four decades, Henry brings an extensive background of knowledge and professional expertise to his clients.

Holding a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree, Henry has unique professional insight into multiple areas of personal finance and wealth management. Experienced at analyzing client cases and isolating what sets their needs apart, Henry is attentive and sincere when it comes to helping his clients plan for the future.

Outside of the office, Henry enjoys relaxing with his family at home and sharing meals out together. A self-proclaimed audiophile, Henry is enthusiastic about listening to music with high-fidelity sound reproduction. Passionate about educating his clients, it’s not surprising to learn that if it weren’t for a career in the financial services industry, Henry would have likely become a professor.